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Coalition Building

Our coalition seeks to address different concerns raised by unregulated human engineering with a single solution that will appeal to people from all walks of life: conservative or liberal, rich or poor, devout or indifferent, theist or atheist. 

Many, perhaps most, of our members are and will be motivated by the view that human life is sacred.  For these members, the idea that human nature is being altered and human embryos are being destroyed in science experiments, drives their support.

Others are chiefly concerned about the threats to public health, the environment, or the economic and social consequences of unregulated human engineering.  Some of the secular supporters of our effort may even be willing to accept some modification of the human genome, once it is proven to be safe.  But virtually all in this group believe voters, not just biotech entrepreneurs and eugenic utopians, should have a say about if and when we enter into the "Brave New World" of genetically altered human beings.

Many people will share have both religious and secular concerns.  The organizers of the coalition believe that both concerns are valid and should be considered, respected, and appealed to in our efforts to raise public awareness and concern about these issues.

At this time, the coalition building project is being led by the Elliot Institute for Social Sciences Research is a 501(c)3 organization with offices in Springfield, IL and St. Charles, MO.

Under the direction of biomedical ethicist David C. Reardon, Ph.D., the Elliot Institute is  engaged in research and educational activities related to the effects of eugenics, abortion, population control, and sexual attitudes and practices on individuals and society at large. 

We anticipate that at some date in the near future, the coalition will form a separate corporate identity, at which point the Elliot Institute will transfer leadership to that entity.


This page will be periodically updated with information regarding the groups and individuals who are joining in this effort.


Coalition Members



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This public education effort is sponsored by the Elliot Institute as part of its Coalition to Regulate Human Engineering and Human-Animal Crossbreeding project.
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